AirScout Verify is an EO/IR-based, slew-to-cue system that autonomously acquires, classifies, and tracks UAS. With dynamic AI targeting and acquisition algorithms and low-latency predictive tracking, AirScout Verify reliably acquires, classifies, and tracks UAS at tactical ranges better than comparable systems.

Unlike legacy techniques that rely on motion, contrast, and/or manual target detection and acquisition, AirScout Verify utilizes advanced AI feature-based detection and acquisition for accurate acquisition and track initiation. AirScout Verify utilizes multispectral EO/IR imaging systems, is hardware agnostic, and can be rapidly upgraded or downgraded with different optical sensors and optics. AirScout Verify’s easy-to-use API enables efficient integrations with other detection sensors and command-and-control systems.

The AirScout Platform

AirScout is a signal processing and sensor fusion software platform that uses hardened artificial intelligence to fuse and process real-time data from sensor arrays. Designed for processing at the edge, AirScout locally fuses data from deployed sensors, running billions of computations in real-time to identify known patterns or objects. AirScout’s hardware-agnostic software can be rapidly upgraded or downgraded with different sensors or optics and seamlessly integrated with third-party sensors and command-and-control systems through its easy-to-use API.