Secure Air 

Take control of your airspace security once and for all


ESA-Radar to detect all kinds of drones:

Passive RF solution for detection of both drone and pilot:

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01 .  Detect

Hydra: CerbAir's radiofrequency technology is passive, causing no interference to surround networks.
It works by detecting the communication between a drone and its remote control. Depending on your needs, secondary technologies, such as EO/IR, radar, etc. may be added

02.  Characterize

The proprietary algorithms locate the drone and its pilot and can identify an intruding drone’s make and model in real-time.
The dedicated user interface gives you the facts you need to counter a threat efficiently. It can be integrated into existing security systems via Hypervisor or VMS if required.
For security teams that require long-distance monitoring of their site, the UI can also be installed on a rugged laptop.

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03.  Neutralize

Stop drones instantly with electronic countermeasures or trigger relevant security procedures to protect your sensitive site

Levels of detection

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Detection of drone and pilot (360°)

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Direction Finding

+/- 10 °  precision of drone and pilot

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Stationary Solution - "HYDRA"

Permanent Anti-Drone Protection

The CerbAir Stationary solution is permanently installed on your sensitive site.
The number of Hydra RF sensors and their configuration depends
mainly on the specifications of your site.
It is always possible to upgrade your solutions after installation without
having to replace the entire system, letting you control your
budget and evolving security needs.

Detection of drone and remote control
Coverage: 360° with 4 sensors
RF ranges: 2,4 & 5,8GHz / 433, 868 & 915 MHz optional
Accuracy: direction finding
Average detection range: +2km

Mobile Solution - "HYDRA"

A Moveable  Anti-Drone Solution

The CerbAir mobile solution is a transportable system for temporary protection, designed to detect drones and protect sensitive sites
and events over short periods of time.
Due to its reduced size, it can easily fit into an SUV or airplane, making transport hassle-free.
Only requiring 2 operators, installation is rapid and easy.
This system is 100% autonomous and is powered by a generator or can be plugged into a general power supply.

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Inspired by Greek Mythology, HYDRA is a drone detection range with multiple features (precision, distance, elevation).


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Portable Solution - "CHIMERA"

Compact On-Foot Anti-Drone Protection

A Man-Portable solution housed in a sturdy backpack for on-the-go missions. Ideal for use by Law Enforcement officers in urban environments.
The combination of both detection and neutralization technologies makes this solution unique on the market. 

Countermeasure Solution - "MEDUSA"

Specially Designed to Halt Malevolent Drones Instantly

Medusa Electronic Countermeasure instantly triggers the drone’s emergency procedure, stopping it in its tracks.
Based on the information provided by the detection module HYDRA™, MEDUSA™ then takes control and sends pulses on the same RF band. Unable to receive orders from its operator, the drone finds itself isolated.

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Secure Airspace Day and Night 

Why Use Radiofrequency? Radiofrequency is the most cost-efficient method of drone detection on the market today. Since the physical or electronic interception of a drone can be complex, radiofrequency is the only detection technology that allows you to locate the pilot and neutralize the threat at its source by directing Law Enforcement to the offender’s position.

A dedicated User Interface (UI) is available and can be integrated into existing security systems via Hypervisor or VMS if required. For security teams that require long-distance monitoring of their site, the UI can also be installed on a rugged or semi-rugged laptop.

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