Pressrelease:  Azure Drones

Azur Drones announces Distributor Agreement with Securify for its Skeyetech autonomous drone in Scandinavia. 

Through collaboration with Azur Drones, Securify continues to offer innovative wide-area surveillance solutions.

Skeyetech is an autonomous drone solution developed by Azur Drones, A French company based in Bordeaux. The system consists of a proprietary autonomous drone and its docking station for weather protection and charging. Skeyetech is integrated into Milestone and Genetec. The missions that are pre-programmed can be activated with an impulse from an alarm sensor or on-demand by an operator, and within 30 seconds, the drone has started its mission.
Thus Skeyetech solution allows operators to make faster and more accurate operational decisions.

Skeyetech is primarily intended for end-users with large facilities whose perimeter is characterized by extensive fence lines. Benefits are numerous: the drone can perform efficient perimeter patrols, investigate events and support response teams. But it also opens new applications that are difficult to establish with traditional technology. For example, Skeyetech drone can help strengthen safety levels on international ports, which are subject to International Ship & Port Facility Security (ISPS) and are thus responsible for onshore but also for the ship’s seaside security.

Azur Drones has, in February 2019, received the first and only certificate regarding BVLOS issued by the DGAC, the French equivalent to the Swedish Transport Agency. Since then, the company has already delivered Skeyetech drone-in-a-box system to end-users in France and in the Middle-East. Skeyetech is a very innovative technology taking its first steps in Scandinavia. Through an application to the Swedish Transport Agency regarding permission for BVLOS, Securify has prepared the process for a pilot project.

Through collaboration with Azur Drones, Securify continues to offer innovative wide-area surveillance solutions. « "We are very confident that Securify will help us replicate the success story we have in France in Scandinavia, both at regulatory and business levels. Skeyetech is a real game-changer for security and safety of high-value sites, thus it has enormous potential in Scandinavia" » explains Grégoire Thomas, deputy general manager of Azur drones. « "We are very pleased to now launch Skeyetech in the Scandinavian market. The Azur technology fits very well into our range for area monitoring and intrusion detection. An autonomous drone system like Skeyetech is primarily intended for end-users with larger protection objects" » says Daniel Sjödin, Product Manager at Securify AB