SpotterRF x Axis radar = True
18 February, 2021 by
SpotterRF x Axis radar = True
Securify AB, Richard Ankarman

Hot topic! Axis radar integrated to SpotterRF radar management system


SpotterRF is well known for its wide assortment of compact surveillance radars. But even though the SpotterRF radars are considered short-range, in some situations even the smallest model provides more than you need. Which may be to cover a corner, a small blind-spot, or similar. So what if an Axis radar could be added to a SpotterRF radar system? At a first glance, SpotterRF and Axis seem to be competitors, but that is a mistake. Comparing the products, both Axis and SpotterRF are FMCW radars, network-connected, solid-state radars, but that is about where the similarities end. The differences originate from a completely different philosophy and market strategy. Axis provides an entry-level radar targeting a mass market. Aiming towards a mass-market may be an advantage to simplify certain things, maybe with the purpose of unnecessary support.

SpotterRF on the other hand is aiming towards certain verticals, with quite challenging use cases, categorized as facilities critical for society, substations, ports, prisons, airports, etc. It is then critical for success that the radar allows the engineer to tweak and adjust the Spotter to its environment. A Spotter radar can be adjusted in 10 different features, each with multiple steps. Axis radar allows only 2 features to be either on or off. These are important differences that will have an impact on whether your project will be successful or not. 

Another fact is that Spotter radar is designed and developed by SpotterRF, both hardware, and software. From the hardware and software in the radar-sensors to the back-end radar management server all the way to the operator interface. Not only does this give the possibility to fine-tune every part of the system but also a holistic system view with a focus on delivering high value to the end-users.  

So shifting from radars to the other side of the coin, we need to emphasize the importance of a flexible radar management system. SpotterRF also provides its own radar management system, NetworkedIO, also known as the NIO. To explain the NIO platform, we would like to compare it to any of the leading VMS systems. The NIO enables you to build large radar systems with multiple radars and PTZ-cameras. It coordinates all tracks (from radars, ADS-B, GPS, etc), with multiple alarm zones, and its customizable filters set and handle actions and events of your choosing.

So, where does Axis radar fit into this? Well, the Axis radar is a good, ultra-short (60m range) radar with some limitations in regards to possible use cases. Considering its price tag, many installers want to use it to fill certain gaps and blind spots, rather than a thermal camera with video analytics. We recognized this as an opportunity and being SpotterRF distributor and Axis Development Partner, we decided to integrate Axis into the NIO! We were surprised by the fantastic response from both installers and end-users. Now they can have all radars on one system, maybe use a PTZ-camera other than Axis, and finally enjoy all features built into the Spotter radar management system. The integration is available today with a SpotterRF native driver in progress.

Proof of concept testing

The image below shows a still image of the SpotterRF radar management system with tracks from the Axis radar D2050-VE being presented and treated just like any other track in terms of PTZ active tracking, alarm zone filtering, etc

>> By the way, Securify has also integrated AI video analytics to SpotterRF, with very exciting results. Stay tuned for more information <<

SpotterRF x Axis radar = True
Securify AB, Richard Ankarman 18 February, 2021
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