Intrusion protection over water

Securify AB, Richard Ankarman


A short introduction to intrusion protection system over water.

This video is a short introduction to intrusion protection system over water. The purpose of the video is to provide an understanding of the various elements involved in an alarm event, to detect, verify, classify, identify, and action.
The video ends with a screen recording of how all sensors are presented in Milestone VMS. 

1. With the help of radar, large areas of water can be monitored, and moving objects Detected.

2. The radar management system automatically cues the PTZ cameras to targets that have been qualified and by doing so, the detection can be Verified.

3. High-resolution video from PTZ cameras makes it possible to Classify targets.

4. To distinguish authorized targets from non-authorized targets, an AIS transponder is also integrated into the system. By Identify targets, the number of unwanted alarms can be heavily reduced.

5. The last step in this introduction is Action, and it briefly shows an example of the possibilities with an autonomous* drone system.

*In this example, for practical reasons, a regular drone with pilot was used. The footage of the drone was then analyzed and objects classified by Ultinous U-alarm (ai video analytics).