Turns night to day at distances beyond both optics and sensors' capability.
            The high-performance white light that enables AI image analytics to classify objects at +1000m.
            Enables AI image analytics to perform to its maximum.
            The AI image analytics developed by Ultinous are capable of classifying multiple objects such as humans, vehicles, boats, etc. Blända enables U-alarm to perform 24/7 regardless of current lighting conditions.
            Effective tool to mitigate intrusions.
            The Green laser effector as the ‘last line of defense’, is effective far beyond 1000m.

            Allow installations to be out of harm’s way to keep equipment safe and working.
            The long-range laser enables installers to position equipment where it is less exposed to risk for tampering or reduced exposure to harsh weather and corrosive environments.

            When security staff response lead time is far from good enough.
            Intrusions, theft, and sabotage in a matter of minutes, Blända Green effector enables remote security operators to keep intruders outside the perimeter.

            Provides protection in all 3 dimensions, over ground, water, and airspace.
            Blända’s high-performance PTZ enables the unit to track targets both on the ground, over water, and in the airspace.